Anime and Terrible Art
The art being mine

Hey, my name’s Victor. A college student studying computer engineering, who's really into anime and video games.

This blog is mostly for reblogging anime related things, but I also occasionally make gifs, transparents, etc.

Feel free to say hi!

To celebrate Monogatari Series: Final Season, Monogatari Drops allows you to experience NisiOisiN’s masterpiece one more time at your own pace.


Full artwork (by Sakai Kyuta) of the new BD 2014 box art.


Chaika Wednesday (Thursday now) returns next month and I am so ready


Slamming your card down as hard as possible clearly makes it work better. You also have to make that face when you do it.



just because an anime isn’t categorized as yuri doesn’t mean the girls can’t be gay

every anime can be a yuri anime if you try hard and believe in yourself